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What to wear for gym? Cute sports bras for women

We understand how difficult it’s to find the ideal clothes for exercise, since they may not look as we expected or the garments turn out to be uncomfortable.

First we choose clothes that we have in our closet, which is usually old and worn clothes, or we invest in garments of dubious quality, without knowing if it is suitable for exercise.

Have you ever wondered how to dress for gym? 

What kind of clothes should I wear to the gym?

Our first tip is to wear clothes designed for training, leave aside the worn clothes you have in your closet and wear cute workout clothes.

The correct workout clothing is designed to give you comfort, made of optimal fabrics and materials for excessive sweating, breathable fabric around high-temperature areas, to maintain airflow while exercising.

The best workout clothes for women, is the one offered by clothing brands specialized in the development of sportswear. In Vitral World, we recommend the following essential sportswear for you to add to your closet:

These garments are ideal for doing different types of workouts, for example jogging, lifting weights, yoga, spinning, Pilates, kickboxing and more.

In this article, we will talk about the different types of sports bras that you can use to train.

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Best sports bras for women in Vitral World

An essential garment that you should use to train are sports bras, at Vitral World we have tops that have breathable designs and a sweat-absorbent power, elasticity, ergonomics and fibers that offer partial protection from UV rays.

Now we will show you the best sports bras for women that we have for you and its different characteristics.

Sports bras everyday wear

To start, let's talk about the basic pieces you must have to train every day, the workout clothes,  like workout leggings for women or workout shirts for women.

What to wear for gym? Cute sports bras for women

Sports bras with semi-sheer areas

Look beautiful in sports bras that have comfortable, semi-sheer fabric around hot areas. We have tops with original designs, semi-transparent striped areas on the lower bust, straps and upper back make it breathable in high sweat areas. 

In addition, we have tops with leather effect fabric, which have fabrics that fit perfectly to your body, due to its comfort and good fit it is perfect for exercising or for your daily life.

Sports bras with semi-sheer areas

You can even combine basic sports tops, that is, those that have simple designs and are self-color, with workout shirts which are made with semi-transparent fabrics. This is the perfect combination.

combine basic sports tops

Sports bras with animal print designs

Some years ago, it has been and continues to be a trend to see girls wearing workout clothes with animal prints designs, however, keep in mind that this type of tops must be combined with other garments that have the same type of pattern or with neutral colors, that's how you don't lose the style. Look at some examples: 

Sports bras with animal print designs

Sports bras with designs you'll love

How about we start by combining simple designs with delicate openings? Invest in the inevitable sports bras, which are basic, but also have a touch of design that will make you make a difference. Let us show you some tops we have for you with captivating designs:

Sports bras with designs you'll love

Sports bras with metallic effect

Dazzle in the gym with sports bras with metallic effect, sometimes attracting attention is not bad, isn't it? Build your outfit a little different to train with all the style.

We know what you're thinking, I'm going to sweat a lot with those tops! But, you're wrong, they're designed with technology that wicks sweat away from your skin, to help you feel comfortable and dry.

We offer you different designs and colors:

Sports bras with metallic effect

Sports bras with front closure

We present to you Energy Zipper Top, as we have already mentioned, the ideal bras for training must have breathable areas, and of course, they make you look great, for this, what better alternative than sports bras with front closure.

Sports bras that you can use for a casual outfit

Let's face it, we want to look fabulous all the time, and even more in moments where we know that we must put aside vanity a bit like when we exercise, therefore we turn to these cute workout clothes.

But if I tell you that beautiful clothes for training you can also wear when you go down the street, on the way to the gym, feeling beautiful with a casual outfit, or when you want to train outdoors, what do you think?

If your style is to dress casual, relaxed and look beautiful, choose our sports tops and shirts for women:

Sports bras that you can use for a casual outfit

Tips to wear your sports bra

Workout clothes are designed to give you comfort when working out, so be sure to invest in good sports bras, and follow the tips below to look like never before in the gym:

Do you wear sports bras over your normal bras?

Don't do it, keep in mind that you shouldn't  wear your usual bra to go to the gym, they are very uncomfortable and will not allow you to train properly. Instead, wear sports bras which are made with soft fabric and contoured cups, these types of bras are designed to absorb sweat which will help you feel dry and will also provide you support.

How often to replace sports bras?

We clarify that a sports bra does not have an expiration date, but of course with use it will wear out, so the time to replace your sports bra depends on the type of exercise you are doing, and how often you do it. Consistent training and running, will wear out a bra faster than a brisk jog or yoga, unfortunately, the speed at which your sports bras lose effectiveness is also directly related to your breast size.

It is recommended that you replace your sports bras every 6 to 12 months according to the use you give them.

How to dry sports bras?

After washing your sports bras in the washing machine, using the delicate cycle and with warm or hot water, we recommend:

Tumble dry your sports bras on low heat, otherwise, don't put your bra in the dryer, as it could stretch it. Therefore, our advice is that you let it dry in the open air in the shade, make sure that the place where you leave it allows enough air to dry without bad odors.

Is it bad to wear sports bras all the time

Of course, according to experts, wearing sports bras all the time causes skin problems, since any compressive and tight garment that is not removed can cause some irritation, such as a rash, and even a fungal infection. So we recommend that you use them only for training and then remove them.

We hope that our tips have been very helpful, remember that you can look amazing and feel comfortable when you train, wearing the right training clothes.

If you liked some sports bras from our Vitral World brand, click here and discover the infinity of options we have for you.

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