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How to have streetwear styling with Vitral World clothes?

Summer streetwear style

Streetwear is a very trendy style, that is to say, is a way to dress that a lot of people love. This style was born in the decade of the 90’s in the US, and is a mix of the surf, skateboarding and hip hop culture, and you can find it especially in New York, the cradle of fashion.

The New York streetwear style also takes inspiration of objects that you can find in graffiti culture, sport fashion, punk movement, and japanese street fashion, the use of little elements of these cultures wearing like winks to the cultures and styles previously mentioned and  give us a very fashionable but comfortable style that offer us a way to express our personality and present us to the world.

There are a lot of ways to incorporate this style to your closet. If you have basic garments it will be easier, but you can explore, the streetwear has a large variety of sub-styles to suit all tastes. If you are a skater, or you work in an office, this style will fit perfectly.

As we said, part of the essence of the streetwear style is to use sportswear and match it with other garments that could be more elegant, but the match of the garments will make you look fresh, even elegant if you want and you do the correct match. There is an example, where you use a normal black leggings, a t-shirt and a cardigan, and you can look elegant, this is one of the basic streetwear outfits, but the prettier:

Cute outfits leggings

To start with this style, is basic to have a sports bra for running, it looks good and you do not have to worry about use something under it, also a high waist workout leggings, in a basic color, or if you love colors, you can find printed leggings to have a plus of color. 

There are a lot of cute outfits and leggings that you could try and we are sure that you will look beautiful and feel comfortable. The summer streetwear style is perfect to use our garments and try new outfits.

There is a guide to find sportswear garments that you can incorporate into your new Street style

Pay attention to the materials

Is very important that the material of the sportswear be a good fabric, if you want to use it to do some sport the fabric has to be resistant to the humidity, and let your skin breathe.

For example,  the fabric that we use on the production of our garments has UV protection and is very breathable to these hard gym routines, that is to say, you will feel comfortable, you will can do the movements that you want, and your skin will be protected.

high waist workout leggings

Buy little garments to make sure of the quality

Before buying the whole outfit, or the sportswear collection, you can try first with a top, or short, take advantage of the sales and buy different styles, this will help you to identify the design that you like and fit perfectly with your body.

Use layers of clothing

There is a maxim of streetwear, you can use a sports bra with supportive and comfortable desing like top , but you can decorate it with a cardigan, or blazer and add a scarf; as you see, you will have 3 layers and will look cute.

Find a touch of color in your outfit

Is very easy use only black and white, but is very interesting use colorful garments, even if you are going to use the sportwear to go to the gym, the color makes you a person with confidence, and you look more cheerful.

Know more about what to wear for gym.

Sportswear collection

Other quick advices

  • Never use garments too tight, it could be a problem to your mobility, circulation and your skin.
  • Read the specifications of washing, some garments are very delicate.
  • Find online shops, there are a lot of options to choose, the sportswear online could have the same or better quality than other recognized brands. 

Streetwear styling is just one of the many styles that you can try with sportswear, you just need to explore the option, always with Vitral World. 

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