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Sportswear for women | Outfit ideas for gym

Going to the gym or exercising defines part of our lifestyle, it is a decision we make for ourselves, for the love we have for each other, to improve our physical and mental health, to live each day reaching our goal, we need to go step by step making our body and mind our temple.

Our lifestyle should also have style, don't you think? And it is not a question of egos, but of feeling comfortable and looking fabulous every moment. We understand what you are looking for and that is why we bring some gym outfit ideas for women.

How wear in a gym?

One of the most important things you need to make sure is comfort, a good outfit for the gym should make you feel secure of yourself, forget about the old clothes that are commonly used to exercise and wear clothes to workout, they must be comfortable and adapted to withstand the effort you make in each type of exercise.

There are different sorts of items that are used for the gym, the following list are the most used it for women:

  • Tops
  • Shirts
  • Leggings
  • Shorts
  • Full Bodies
  • Wearing different outfits for the gym not only will give you many styles, but also will increase your self-confidence and give you the strength to improve the performance of your daily goal by exercising.

    Here are some tips for different outfits to go to the gym, and we help you combine each garment of the upper and lower part of your body:

    Wear sports tops instead of your normal bras tops 

    To start with, keep in mind that under no circumstances you should use your normal bra to go to the gym, they are very uncomfortable and will not allow you to train properly. Instead, use sports tops with soft fabric and contoured cups, these types of tops are designed to absorb sweat that will help you feel dry and also provide you with a significant amount of support.


    Sport tops for your gym outfit

    Sport tops for your gym outfit

    Combine tops with sports shirts

    Surely, you look fabulous just with the sport’s top, but if you feel a bit uncomfortable and uncovered, you can add sports shirts to your outfit, these are perfect to allow airflow while you exercise and also give you a lot of styles can be work out extremely properly with high impact and secure.

    Make sure that your sports shirt is made with breathable fabric around the high temperature you can match it with neutral colors but if you want to take a risk use different colors that you can use bright or fluorescent colors feeling just as safe. Remember that keep  in mind that (black, gray, white) are more noticeable and this would make you quite uncomfortable.


     Semi-sheer shirts to wear over the sport's top

    Semi-sheer shirts to wear over the sport's top

    Wear clothes that you like and that make you feel very comfortable

    Currently, the gym is not only a space to exercise, but is also a space for socialization to meet and interact with people, therefore if what we want is to socialize and be part of  social networks, that means that your outfit becomes an important part of your lifestyle.  What do you think of wearing clothes that we personally like?

    Sometimes, in an attempt to like people, we make ourselves uncomfortable with clothes that are too big, too small, or that simply don't go well with our body. Our advice is that you always look to wear clothes that you like that adapt to you and that make you feel totally comfortable with your body.

    Regarding the bottom part, we can vary between leggings, shorts, and joggers.

    The most common garment that women wears and that we love to exercise are leggings, but keep the following tips in mind:

    • Do not wear transparent leggings to avoid showing too much.
    • Wear underwear that does not tighten too much, and in this way you do not create division in your buttocks.
    • If you are going to wear patterned leggings, look for professional designs.
    • Wear leggings made of Lycra, as it is a resistant material that does not rust.
    • Avoid leggings with rips.
    • Wear leggings that reach your ankles, so you will look more stylized.

    To look stylish, you have to combine your clothes well, choose a color palette and play with the combinations without looking out of context. Look to combine neutral colors such as black, white, and gray with strong colors such as orange, purple, green, or blue.

    Combine your Gym Clothes

    Combine your Gym Clothes

    However, what if we go a bit out of the ordinary and choose to wear shorts, these are the most recommended for exercising.

    The models of sports shorts in Lycra with a high cut and adjustment over the buttock favor their shape, they are the most trendy in sports fashion, but keep in mind that you can vary the type of shorts depending on the exercise routine you have planned, if you are going to dedicate yourself to doing a spinning class, wear tight shorts, but if you want to do leg using weight, wear loose shorts. And why not? You can combine them with sports jackets to achieve.


    Workout Shorts

    Now, according to sports fashion experts, there is nothing more fashionable than combining a sports Lycra shorts with short loose shirts and baseball socks, which are characterized by being tall and with painted stripes. This is a somewhat retro touch that teenagers have chosen to highlight their sporty look, what do you think of the idea?

    Use full body to give a sensual touch to your outfit for the gym

    The full body for women is a garment that is characterized by wearing a blouse and pants together, using this outfit in the gym you will get a much more sensual and feminine look, this type of garment is made by smart fabrics that stylize your body! Thanks to the control from the upper part of the abdomen to the ankles. They usually carry a spectacular cleavage with them and feel slimmer, lighter and even stronger, you will want to wear it everywhere.

    The full body is ideal for training a gym routine, in your CrossFit class, during yoga class or to go for a walk in the park.


    fullbody outfit

    Sensual outfit for the gym with the full body outfit 

    More than clothing styles, it is about being true to our lifestyle

    The most valuable thing for us is the love we have for our body and our life, at Vitral World we want you to be faithful to your lifestyle more than a style of clothing. And well, these are all the tips we have for you for today, wait for more tips soon, finally remember that the important thing to put together your gym outfit is:

  • Wear clothing designed for training.
  • Have in your closet the basic clothes to combine.
  • Combine colors and textures.
  • Make sure you always feel comfortable and safe.
  • Adapt the outfit you choose to your tastes

    Discover our incredible collections of outfits for the gym here.

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