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How to choose the sizing for sports bras?

A sports bra is the most practical choice in a lot of situations, if you are going to do some exercise, or just want to have a relaxing day on the weekend, for its versatility and comfort it is always a good choice.

Some studies discover that 80% of the women, do not know which is their sports bra sizing, and use the wrong size. As you see, it is very common to not know how to choose the correct size, this is why we are here for you.

First, is important to know something before to buy a sports bra:

  • Never buy a sports bra without knowing your size or measuring it, your eye could be wrong.
  • After measuring it, ensure that you feel comfortable. If you can do moves with freedom, without pain or chafing in any place, this is correct.
  • Look at the fabric, it must have the capability of controlling sweat and humidity, also it is indispensable that the fabric has to regulate the heat.
  • Remember that the exercise requires a lot of movement, jump and run, that's why it is important to buy a bra that does not have sewing on the sensitive areas like the nipples.
  • If you find a sports bra that supports all, and you do not feel like you are trapped or uncomfortable ¡buy it!  
  • Remember that a normal sports bra has to fit more than a normal bra.

Forget that bra size quiz, or tricks that do not work, with the tips that we have for you, you will buy a sports bra and leggings set that you will want to take off.

You only need a normal bra, a mirror, and a measuring tape.

As a normal bra, the sports bra has sizes with numbers and letters depending on the type of activity you are going to do. It is important to know how much support you require.

First you have to measure the contour of the lower part of the bust, then measure the fullest part of the bust.

With these measures, you can know which is the size perfect for you, you just require a table with bra sizes in order, and identify your measures.

Unfortunately these measurements and sizes are not universal, since each manufacturer has a different size, you have to verify all sizes in each brand.

For that problem, we have some more helpful information that only knows your measures, or if you forget to do it before to buy a sports bra.

How to buy a sports bra with perfect fit?

  • You must have to verify the fit of the lower band:
    If you feel it very loose, the band is too wide for you

If the band mark your back, is too small for you

if the band fits you without marks, is the correct size

  • Now, it is time to the cup:

If is a space between the cup and your breast, is too big

If the breast sticks out of the cup, the size of the cup is too small

If you see that the sports bra picks up the chest without any inconveniences, it is the perfect size.

You can play with the sizes of the sports bra, if the cup is perfect, but you feel a very loose band, the cup size is perfect, but you need a smaller size of band.

The perfect fit for each sport

Now that you know how to have the perfect size, it is time to know what is the perfect bra for the sport you practice.

Low-impact sports

Like yoga, weightlifting, walking, Pilates, etc.

  • From A cup to C cup, you can use a light support bra, like a yoga sports bra, even you can use it daily.
  • D cup girls can use a medium support bra.

To buy a light support bra, click here

Medium impact sports

Like dancing, skiing, cycling, football, basketball, etc.

  • A cup can use a light support bra
  • From B cup to C cup, you can use a medium support bra.
  • D cup can use a high support bra

To buy a medium support bra, click here

High-impact sports

Like CrossFit, HIIT, running, boxing, etc.

  • From A cup to B cup, you can use a medium support bra.
  • From C cup to D cup, high support bra.

To buy a high support bra, click here

To all these double d bra size or bigger, we recommend that you use a high support bra in every kind of sport that you will do.

It is very normal to see girls in leggings and sports bra with different types of bodies. To find a sexy sports bra, you have to feel sexy with it.

Just remember that a sports bra is not eternal, if you feel that the suspenders are loose, the fabric is worn, you have to change it.

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