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Do you do some sport with racket? Outfit ideas for you

Tennis, racquetball, squash, badminton and paddle tennis are those sports where you have to use rackets, and all of them have something in common. If you practice some of these sports, you will improve your speed and agility.

If you play tennis by yourself, or you are only starting, and do not know how to dress to do this exercise, we will give you some outfit ideas, but first, we want to show you the benefits of practicing this cool sport.

Benefits of practice tennis (or other of the sports that you need rackets) 

Muscular building

All the movements and the continuous state of alert make our muscles work more and faster. It could be a good cardio exercise, but the truth is that you work many muscular groups like the thighs, the legs, shoulders, arms and abs.  

Work you mind

The confrontation of the players helps to strengthen their mentality, since you have to control your emotions in difficult moments, that is why self-confidence and the emotions are themes to work if you want to be a good player, Also you need to be more disciplined, have patience and better time control.  


Lose weight

Tennis is a sport for all body, that is why you can burn a lot of calories, because you are in constant movement and you must be fast if you want to win, so losing weight is guaranteed.

It also you can get with other sports or exercises, remember, all that imply move your body, burn calories.  

Improve the concentration

Your eyes must always be on the ball, but also you have to plan the moves that you will do to receive the releases of your counterpart, you must have the attention in those both activities, so your concentration is so important for this.

The muscles of your brain will benefit with all this work. The ball, the moves, the possible trajectories and the strategy are your allies to improve the concentration.

Work your resistance

You must have to move fast, and all these fast moves in a short period of time is a way to beef up your resistance, improve your heart rate and promote levels of energy.

Better coordination

To be attentive, in all the movements that your counterpart do and you have to do, alsa the travel of the ball and the strategy that you want to do, when the ball is near you you have to hit it, your brain, eyes, arms and hands must be coordinated.  

Strengthens the heart

Tennis is a resistance sport, also its rules do not close the game time, maybe you have a class that finishes at one hour specific, but anyway you have to resist all the train, this work strengthens your heart, the rhythm changes and the accelerations are a good exercise. 

Outfit ideas

If you are learning play tennis, or you are a professional, it is important that you know that the clothes are significant at the moment of exercise.

The workout clothes for ladies, in general, are appropriate, but here we have some extra ideas.

Style a tennis skirt

You can use a top of good qualitý that has good support. if you do not want to expose your arms, we recommend our sky nude top.

Also if you use a skirt (that is very common with the girls), try nude or basic colors to make it easy to combine it with more colorful tops.

That is our recommendation, and you can use it like this:

workout clothes for ladies

Tennis outfit plus size

If you want to feel more fashionable, you can use a beautiful dress that is always easy to use and match or just a set that always looks good and its fabric is perfect for hard activities.

You can do all the moves that you want without accidents or unwanted sensations with sweat.  

You can use a set like this:

workout clothes for ladies

Workout clothes for petite ideas

We recommend using shorts to make your legs longer, and have all the freedom that you need. Also you can use a top, remember that you need a lot of support because you need a lot of support, but if you like it or the day does not look very sunny, use a sport jacket that will fit perfect with the outfit.

Combine all that we say, like this: 

Workout clothes for petites

There are our recommendations to you, to continue doing your favourite exercise. Remember that with vitral you will have a lot of options and combinations to look good all time. If you want to see more options of outfits visit our online shop

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