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Outfit ideas for exercise if you are pregnant

Congratulations! We are so happy to know that you are in this lovely stage of your life, we hope that you enjoy it.

Despite being a wonderful moment, is also very delicate, that is why you have to take care of your health, if you are one of those beautiful fitness girl, we recommended you do an exercise routine that keep your body moving maximum for 30 minutes, taking into account this, we want to show you different exercises that you can do in your home, and outfit idea.

Remember to consult with a doctor before doing any activity that could put your health and that of your baby at risk.

Go for a walk 

This is perfect if you did not exercise before the pregnancy, you can just walk to the park, maybe before lunch, in the afternoon to enjoy the sunset, you just take your time, and enjoy this time.

Going for a walk helps you to decrease stress levels and prevent swelling in the legs and the arms. If you already have contractions, walking will help you to accelerate the birth.

This exercise is good, if you have to stimulate circulation and not have a high impact on the knees, also you can avoid postpartum depression and control your weight.

The outfit that we recommend:

  • A light sports bras, if you want to buy one, click here
  • A mesh shirt that is not tight, or a jacket, it depends on the weather.
  • A soft pant, like this, click here
  • Walking or running shoes that brings you the correct support.

Low impact aerobics

You must have a foot always on the floor, that reduces the stress on your articulations, and you keep the balance. Remember that with the growth of your baby it will be harder to keep the balance, be careful.

Aerobics helps you to maintain your muscle tone, is important in your normal life, but when you are pregnant it improves your strength at the birth time.

If you feel back pain, indigestion or heartburn, the low impact aerobics will reduce the symptom, if you do it various days at the week, will be better.

The soft movements that you do with these aerobics make your heart and your lungs stronger, also you work the pelvic floor, this is important to prevent urinary incontinence in late pregnancy and postpartum.

The outfit that we recommend:

  • You can use our Courage rock top sports bra.
  • A soft t-shirt that let breath your skin, the fabric could be 100% cotton, this material is more breathable. 
  • Use a legging that lets your legs be free, like this, click here
  • You can do this exercise barefoot, or with very soft shoes.

Remember to do these exercises on a flat surface, with enough space to do your movements.


You can do the basic yoga exercises, or go to a prenatal yoga course. This is the best exercise for pregnant women, because it strengthens your muscular system, teaches you how to breathe, and you learn relaxing techniques and this is very significant at the time of birth.

If you have insomnia, doing yoga will help you to reduce the fatigue and anxiety sensations.

Yoga is a lifestyle that makes you connect with the present, your environment, and your body. That is why practicing yoga is an experience that will connect you with your body and your baby. These recognition exercises will make you live the pregnancy experience in another way.

The outfit that we recommend:

  • Use a soft top that lets you move, like this, click here.
  • If you feel uncomfortable using only the top, you can use a very soft t-shirt that makes you feel secure doing all the exercises.
  • Use a legging with soft fabric to do flexibility exercises, like our Sky Black Sand Legging
  • If it is very necessary to use shoes, use the most soft and comfort shoes that you have.

Swim or aquatic aerobics

With this exercise you have less injury risk, because you can not fall on your belly and hurt your baby, your articulations are safe, you feel lighter and forget for a while all the weight you carry daily, besides,  the exercises are very funny.

If you swim,  the horizontal position can distribute the weight, freeing your back and your legs. Also, after the exercise, you will sleep perfectly.

There are a lot of exercises that you can do on the water, even in your last month of gestation. We advise you to find a professional on aquatic aerobics, to know which exercises are better for you.

The outfit that we recommend:

You can use your favorite swimsuit and the safety accessories.

We recommend you Vitral World clothes, because the fabric of our garments are soft, they fit perfectly to your body, also you have sun protection, and all the comfort that you need to keep your body moving, and maintain your and your baby’s health.

We know that is hard to find appropriate clothes to do exercise when we are pregnant, because no much sportswear brands offer exercise clothes for pregnant women, that is why we advise you to find plus size sportswear for gym, the breadth, and space that these clothes offer to you, is perfect to feel comfortable with all changes that your body had.

Plus size sportswear for women is the cheapest alternative that you can find, remember that it is important to have the correct garments for every activity that you do, more if you think that, with the pregnancy you have some limitations, the clothes that you use do not have to add more.

Remember that Vitral world is the option that offers you quality and comfort.

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