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Do you already exercise? Know the benefits for running.

What is running?

Running is a word that was created recently to define the sport that you go to run every day. 

This concept can be linked to athleticism competitions, that is to say, like a professional runner, or doing some exercise during the day, a recreational activity to improve your health and lose weight.

Running everyday benefits

  • It is cheaper than a gym, you only have to buy appropriate shoes, and start running at the time that you want without extra payment.
  • Improve your cardiovascular and pulmonary system, cardio exercise, makes stronger and thicker the myocardium, this is a muscle of the hearth that helps to pump the blood around the body more efficiently.
  • It helps to prevent osteoporosis, because the bones get stronger.
  • It makes you happy. If you run, your brain releases dopamine and serotonin, the hormones of happiness, so it is beneficial to your mental health, if you have stress, anxiety, depression or other 
  • It improves sleep quality, metabolism and lowers blood pressure.
  • Losing weight with running is one of the more visible benefits. You will have toned muscles and, with better metabolism, your abdomen will not be swollen.
  • You will enjoy time for you, despite the fact that you are running, you can use the time to meditate or run from your problems (literally). When you decide to invest time in running, you are investing time in yourself.
  • You will experiment the runner euphoria, that is to say, you have a chemical reaction that makes you happy, it is hard to explain, you must have to live it.


Running tips

Before to start to run

  • Go to the doctor to rule out any issue, for example, if you have obesity, you suffered a lesion on one of your articulations, when you feel sick or have discomfort in your health, if you have cardiovascular and pressure problems, and other things that could be dangerous.
  • Find some training plan, you can not start to run a marathon without a plan, if you are a beginner,  it is better to consult with a trainer, or find on Youtube some beginner routine, this will help you to enjoy the experience and know better how to start.
  • Take a few minutes to warm your body and stretch all your joints, this to prevent injuries, and runner knee pain. The injuries are a very common problem for the runners, that is why it is very important to preparate your body before you start.
  • Drink water, before, while and after, the water is very important to avoid dehydration and heat stroke, so buy a cool bottle and carry it all time.
  • Choose a playlist to run, to feel more inspired, some people do not like it, but the truth is that you can find some music that could make you go faster, or feel relaxed.
  • Just start to run, at your speed and your time.

While you are running

  • You are not in a race, so take it easy, even if you are a professional, we know that to reach your goals is important, but if you force your body to give more than it can, could be dangerous.
  • Set a goal, but be realistic, if it is the first day, you can’t run 15 miles (ca. 24 km), your body is not prepared for this, follow your training plan, and reach your goals at your time.
  • If you feel better in a group, find a friend to go out to run with you, it is really stimulating to share your hobbies with other people.
  • Pay attention to your technique, Is this the correct posture? You have to pay attention to all of your body, it makes you have control of your body and prevent the risk of injuries. 
  • Find new places to run, maybe you have the perfect routine at the same park every day, but the truth is that if you find new places, you could feel motivated and know the neighborhood better.

After Running

  • Slow down little by little, your heart has to decrease your heart rate slowly, to avoid problems, like dizziness, fainting, and shortness of breath.
  • Stop and walk for a few minutes, now you have to walk, because, apart from your heart, your body has to get cold little by little to evade cramps.
  • Stretch again, all your body, this improves the resistance and flexibility of the body .
  • Drink a lot of water, you have to replenish the water that you lost.
  • Take time to breathe. 


Running or walking?

Running makes you feel more competitive. When you reach your goal, you will want to go for more, only to break your personal mark, or because you want to run in a marathon.

Walking is a way to exercise, maybe for a limited time, but it is only to keep your health.

The intensity of both practices is different. With running you will feel more intensity, and you have to keep your resistance, while with walking you don’t have to feel the speed, or keep a level of intensity. Walking is perfect for the person that has cardiovascular problems. 

Remember that you must have to use the appropriate clothes, not only to feel comfortable, but also to prevent chafing and injuries.

If you want to start running, but you do not have comfortable and perfect clothes, we recommend you the exact running outfit for women, our Racing collection. Is perfect if you are a professional runner or beginner, the fabric is breathable and has instant sweat absorption.

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